Cara Beaded Bracelet - Chrome Diopside

$60.00 USD

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Gorgeous faceted Chrome Diopside rondelles and thick sturdy 'diamond cut' paperclip chain come together to create a beautiful bracelet to adorn your arm.  The perfectly placed hook clasp allows for the bracelet to be secured anywhere along the chain making it adjustable and versatile.  

Available in 14k Gold Fill, 14k Rose Gold Fill or Sterling Silver (all non-plated. Yay!)

'Cara' is the Irish word for friend, as these bracelets are a classy grown-up version of friendship bracelets from years gone by. 

Choose your perfect fit! Since this is a flexible malleable bracelet (unlike a bangle) you can choose the size that is closest to the circumference of your wrist. EX: my wrist is 6.5 iches around where the 2 forearm bones meet above the hand.  A 6.5 inch bracelet fits me comfortably. 


*** This design is an original work of Saressa Designs, Inc.