Caring For Your Jewelry

Caring for your jewelry properly will help keep it looking like new. Here's what we suggest to maintain the life of your pieces:


~ Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, using a hot tub, etc.

Heat and moisture will cause your sterling to oxidize at an accelerated rate and can slowly wear on gold filled metal over time. Minerals in water or chemicals in water, shower products, etc can have adverse effects on Druzy. 


~ Avoid wearing your jewelry while applying cosmetics, beauty and/or aerosol products. Allow them to completely dry or soak into the skin before wearing your jewelry.

Chemical ingredients in these products may have adverse reactions to metals or gemstones / Druzy and leave behind residue and build-up on metals. A good rule to follow: Jewelry goes on last and comes off first.


~ Store your jewelry, specifically sterling silver, in a dry air-tight space when not being worn.

A small zip lock bag works great!  Though Gold Filled is tarnish resistant, this helps keep gold shiny and protected from moisture or any other possible elements that may wear on your metals.


~ Do not sleep in your jewelry 

~ Do not exercise in your jewelry


~ To clean, gently shine with a Sunshine polishing cloth. Pro Polish Pads by 3m are also incredible for removing tarnish from sterling silver. 


If you have any questions regarding caring for or cleaning your jewelry, please feel free to contact us anytime at