What's New Pussycat?

June 13, 2013

 So, it has officially been FOREVER (well, months really) since I last posted an update here. I have always been a less-than-stellar writer, and I'm fairly certain that the good Lord did not put me on this earth to blog (or dance. I have no doubt that I could freeze hell over with my attempts to bust a move). Though I have been quiet on the blog/newsletter front, there still has been some action taking place over here at Saressa Designs. It has been a non-stop party locally, and there are some other big things on the horizon. Here is what's new.....ish.


First of all, let me get the mini-bummer out of the way. Months ago I received confirmation that my Ice Age necklace was going to be used on this season of True Blood (along with a few other pieces from fellow Artisan Group members).  This is still happening, but will likely be delayed until season 7.  Season 6 is going to be extremely intense (and shorter than usual), and if you plan to watch you will get an idea of what I mean. I will disclose more info as I'm allowed to, so I apologize for the vague explanation. Waiting is the hardest part!


Over the last few months Saressa Designs has found a home in some new shops! You can now find lots of the pieces from my online collection, as well as pieces uniquely designed for some of these shops. If you live in the area, or ever plan to pass by or visit, you should stop in and check out these shops. They're all fantastic!

The Ruddy Duck - Hood River, OR

Converge - Depot Bay, OR

The Wild Trillium - Benton, IL

Willows - Vancouver, WA


For all you locals, Saressa Designs will be returning to the Sandy Mountain Festival this year! This is the only show I plan on vending at until the holiday season, so plan to stop on by and visit! The festival takes place on July 14th-15th, in the gorgeous Meinig Park in Sandy, OR. You can get more details here: http://www.sandymountainfestival.org/. Don't be deceived by the webpage either. This event is really outstanding, with lots of activities for kids as well.


Stay tuned because I have some more fun announcements coming! I'll give you one hint: Fashion Week.


I hope you all have a fantastic Summer!