When It Rains....

Posted on March 29, 2012 by Rachel Hughes

 Things are getting so busy around here and it's really exciting to watch the growth happening...even through squinty tired eyes ;) 

The Artisan Group has approved my Lava Turquoise Necklace for Drew Barrymore's swag bag. I decided to make her edition in 14K Gold FIll (the original is in brass) which looks bright and beautiful! Here is how it turned out:

If you like it and want to get one for yourself, they're now available here and at Etsy and are absolutely perfect for the sunny days ahead. 

As for the MTV Movie Awards, I'm working to get my 100 pair of Rose Gold hoops made. I'm about halfway there, and also have my limited edition Delgado Necklace finished for the display. Two more colors of Rose Gold hoops have been added in my shop. All participating artists also had to submit a short bio for The Artisan Group's 'Event Guide' which is given to each celebrity in their swag bag. Writing a bio had to be one of the single-handed most difficult things I have had to do yet. Writing about myself, and in the third person, is just not something that comes naturally to me. However, this experience is already helping expand my knowledge, understanding and growth as an artist, and I'm so thankful for that.

When I thought it couldn't get any more busy around here, I received a very unexpected email today. I have been accepted to participate in the 2012 Sandy Mountain Festival this year, which is quite a large artisan venue! It's jurried which means you have to apply and typically such events are bombarded with jewelers. I'm really excited to have been selected and can't wait to introduce Saressa Designs to a large audience. This event will be held in Sandy, OR on July 14-15th, 2012. You can get more information here: http://www.sandymountainfestival.org/index.html