Ready for a New Year

December 29, 2011

A new year is approaching and I can't think of a better way to celebrate 2012 than being surrounded by my family.... and launching a website of course. It has been a long time coming, and the road ahead of work to be done is likewise a long one, but I'm finally doing it. This last year has proven to be a tough one, but I am nothing less than blown away by what I have managed to reap. In late January of 2011 I finally decided to man-up and wrestle with my horrible photography skills, take advantage of the 3 year old Etsy account I had and even tackle some cold calls on a boutique or 2. I have been a bundle of nerves, exhaustion, excitement, frustration and determination. Now, along with the fabulous Lemontree in Portland,OR my designs are being offered in Bend, OR in a wonderful shop called Faveur Eclectic Unique Boutique. Both shops deserve some checking out if you're ever in the area. You will not be at a loss for gift ideas, and self gratification. One of my designs was also used in conjunction with a giveaway/book launch by the talented author Maggie Stiefvater for her newest novel, The Scorpio Races. I also have been accepted into The Artisan Group and through this union an ad for my website will be in a brochure going out to celebrities at the 2012 Golden Globes. Now, if I could only get some of this magic to work on my 4 year old's progressive sleep issues (nightmares and night terrors) we'd really be rolling. Maybe this next year :)

Also, after much searching, I have FINALLY found Rose Gold-filled chain and am so excited to be able to launch Rose Gold necklaces. That might not sound like a big deal, but it has been impossible. It's like trying to find a good bra at Walmart (impossible). Gold filled is a much better quality product than plated, but so much more affordable than pure Gold. Rose Gold just isn't that popular yet among the wire wrapping genre so it would seem, but my goal is to bring it back, double rainbow style. Happy New Year!


Welcome to Saressa Designs!

All jewelry is handmade to order in our Portland, OR studio by owner and designer, Rachel Hughes.  Please allow 5-10 business days ( AKA 1-2 weeks) from the date your order is placed to the date your order ships.  If you need your order fast, please email to and request a rush on your order and we will always do our best to accommodate you and provide a realistic expectation of when your item(s) will ship. 

Orders will always ship within the time frame listed above, or sooner (we like sooner!) with the exception of Priority and Express orders which will be expedited and shipped as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions, never ever hesitate to contact us. Thank you!